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Yumi Keratin Lash + Brow Lift

The Best Yumi Keratin Lash + Brow Lift in West Vancouver BC

Yumi Keratin Lash + Brow Lift​

Get the best of both worlds! In this treatment you get your lash lift and brow lift aka lamination done all at once.

The Yumi Keratin Brow Lift AKA Brow Lamination is essentially a natural brow hair lift. This is an amazing treatment for people with natural brow hair who want to tame unruly hair, add symmetry, uniform shape and the look of fullness. The Yumi Keratin Lash Lift, no fake lashes used. Simply a lift and tint of your natural lashes. With this enhancement you are left with thicker, darker looking lashes with a beautiful and natural curve.

The Yumi products contain Keratin which nourishes your lashes and brows. Both treatments include a tint and lasts approx. 6 to 8 weeks. Yumi products are made in France and have no harsh chemicals, formaldehyde or parabens. It is 100% hypoallergenic and cruelty free.

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We welcome yumi keratin lash and brow lift patients who live in West Vancouver and all surrounding areas like North Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, etc in British Columbia. Give us a call at (778) 323-4562 to make your appointment at Mona Beauty Co Clinic and learn more about the benefits of yumi keratin lash and brow lift!


Why get a Yumi lash lift and its benefits

A yumi keratin lash lift allows you to naturally lift, tint and boost your own lashes while other enhancements only do one or the other. The use of keratin also hydrates and gives your eyelashes an extra boost naturally. 

Before Care

You will be asked to come in for a consultation to determine length, condition, thickness, colour and health. All of these will be evaluated to see if you are ideal for this treatment. Also, it is the best time to ask any questions and discuss the expectation that you have for this treatment. 

Before your lash lift: 

  • Lashes must be dry 
  • Be prepared to have them closed and be still for at least 1.5 hours 
  • If possible come with bare eyes (no makeup or oil) 

After Care

before and after of Yumi Keratin Lash + Brow Lift West Vancouver BC

Results should be noticeable immediately after treatment is done and there are a few things to do in order to make sure they last a long time. 

After your lash lift:

  • No water contact to your eyes or eyelashes 
  • No creams, cleansers or oils around the eye area 
  • Avoid any touching or contact with your eyes 
  • Avoid swimming pools, sweating, saunas or spas 
  • Try to sleep face-up

Yumi Lash Lift Procedure​

Yumi Keratin Lash + Brow Lift Procedure​
  • Cleanse: An experienced technician will first cleanse your eyelashes and eye area so that there is no makeup residue or oils 
  • Protection: in order to protect your lower lashes, a white eye mask is then applied. It will not pull or rip any of your bottom lashes.
  • Silicone form: There are three types of silicone forms: small, medium, large and they help sculpt your lashes to their desired curl. It is the longest process but this will help hold your lashes for 8-12 weeks post-treatment.  You will choose the correct silicone form at your consultation. 
  • Lift Solution: Once lashes are set into the silicone, the solution is applied and it is mostly concentrated on the roots rather than lashes which can weaken or damage the lashes 
  • Fix Solution: After the lift solution has done its job, we remove it and then apply the fix solution for finishing. 
  • Finish touches: Now we remove the silicone and go over your lashes with some YUMI lash oil to cleanse them and ensure any residue is removed. Then we put protein oil mascara for a boost then do the big reveal. The results will be instant.


These are the products and ingredients that you might find in a Yumi keratin lash kit

  • Cleansing tonic for degreasing eyelashes and eyelids 
  • Lifting serum 
  • Eyelash thickening solution 
  • Eyelash moisturizing and nourishing solution 
  • Colour pigment with oxidant 
  • Silicone lining 
  • Glue

Lift:  helps shape and lift your natural lashes by using a chemical solution. It’s like having your eyelashes semi-permanently curled.


  • Enhances your natural eyelashes 
  • Naturally curlier and darker lashes 
  • Works for all lash types 
  • Minimal work (low maintenance) 


  • There can be wear and tear on the lashes 
  • You cannot get lash extensions 
  • Might be shedding of natural lashes 
  • Addictive 

Lash lift and tint do require chemical solutions to be used on your lashes in order to manipulate the lash to curl and lift in order to give you the perfect eyelash illusion. However, keratin lash lift is safer than regular lash lift because it is a key structural protein for making hair, feather, hooves and other outer layer skin. So even though chemicals are being used it is also nourishing and moisturizing your eyelashes at the same time. 


Side effects 

  • Solution side effects 
  • Irritation 
  • Rash 
  • Redness 
  • Dry eyes 
  • Skin irritation 
  • Allergies 
  • Inflammation 
  • Damages eyelash hair 
  • Temporary hair loss 

It is important to ask your physician if getting a lash lift while your pregnant is an option due to changing hormones, one’s body is affected and it’s been reviewed that pregnant clients experience less of a lift. 


It also might be uncomfortable or stressful for a pregnant client to stay still or be in one position for a long time for this type of treatment.

Because it is your natural lashes that are getting lifted and tinted, there is no technical “removal” process other than waiting it out. The process is semi-permanent therefore you only would have to wait 6-8 weeks. 

The standard time period for yumi keratin lash lift lasts from 6-8 weeks. Depending on how well you maintain your lashes post-procedure lasting its effects.

Halal certification is given to only products that follow Islamic law ordinances and must be from an accepted source such as cows or chickens that are slaughtered to these laws.  

  • Since Yumi Keratin lash lift ingredients don’t have any traces of animal byproducts it can be considered halal.

Regular Lash lift:  Usage of chemical that breaks down your lash bonds to manipulate them to curl up and lift. 

Keratin Lash lift: It is the same procedure, however, there is a special pigment fusion that also thickens your lashes and makes them longer that curves upwards.


3D Lashes are fake lashes that are from real mink fur. They give a fuller, darker and thicker eyelash illusion. However, they require application time and prep unlike a Keratin lash lift that already is done and requires no prep time after and you wake up with already halfway done!  

  • Eyelash Perm: curl your lashes using a chemical solution with a cylindrical rod. However, it is mainly recommended and designed for clients with long lashes as the perm gives a curl that will shorten your lash length. Also if you have wide-open eyes it is also recommended for those clients as well. 



  • Lash lift: Lash lifts are done from a “speed bump” design from the root of your lashes which enhances your eye shape and creates the illusion of longer lashes. 


    • Lasts longer than eyelash perms 
    • Recommended for a majority of client types 
    • Substitute for eyelash extension effects

Those interested in A comprehension training course to learn the Art of lashes

  • One day training course 
  • 7-8 hours long 
  • Receive a yumi lash certificate 

From receiving a professional student kit to markets tips our certified teachers will cover all bases and provide models for you to practice on for your practice. Mona beauty offers a premium teaching environment where students are ensured thorough knowledge and techniques to increase their level of professionalism. 

Keratin infusion for our Yumi keratin lash lift uses real keratin on every lash to increase length and thickness of each lash by 40% giving you a healthy full look. 

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