Cleanse, exfoliate, extract and hydrate your skin with our 1-hr Hydrafacial treatment!

What is a Hydrafacial? A HydraFacial is a treatment that uses a medical-grade device to cleanse, extract and hydrate the skin. It clears dead skin cells, loosens pores and preps them for extractions using a mix of glycolic and salicylic acids. Then, it uses a unique vacuum-powered extraction method to remove “gunk” from the skin. The treatment works instantly on visible pores and fine lines. It promotes firmness, improved texture and complexion, immediately. Blackheads vanish! Expect to leave your Hydrafacial treatment with a brighter complexion and glowing skin. 

Who’s it for? Everyone! HydraFacials can be customized to each person’s unique skin concerns. It’s a great treatment for all ages and skin types, from oily, acne-prone, to mature skin battling fine lines and pigmentation problems. 

Downtime: None!

Free Consultations

We welcome Hydra Facial Plus customers who live in West Vancouver and all surrounding areas like North Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, etc in British Columbia. Give us a call at (778) 323-4562 to make your appointment at Mona Beauty Co and learn more about the benefits of Hydra Facials Plus!


Before and After Care

Pre-treatment Instructions:

  • Refrain from any type of exfoliating treatments such as glycolic acid or enzymes to the area for 48 hours before your Hydrafacial treatment. 
  • Refrain from any medium or deep chemical resurfacing treatments and laser treatments for 2 weeks before your HydraFacial treatment. 
  • Must be off accutane for 6 months minimum. 
  • For men, shaving is recommended to do it at least 4-5 hours prior to treatment or not at all.

Post-treatment Instructions:

  • If you are getting Botox treatments they can be given on the same day but post-treatment 
  • Avoid products with active ingredients for 72hrs (retinol, aha, bha) 
  • Avoid hot showers, sauna or heavy cardio for 24hrs post treatment
  • Also if possible, having a bare face for the rest of the day and not washing your face until the next morning is ideal.